We offer international and national freight services from Central Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States.



We offer various packages of services to meet various shipper needs.  We work with you from point of origin to final destination.



We work with you to plan, implement and control the movement of your goods from start to finish.


Representation and Counsel

We offer services and representation, both of commercial and individual goods and products.  We take care of the delivery of our clients' shipments under our care in the different localities of Cameroon, but we also assure them the delivery in the different countries of the community of the States of Central Africa.  We also Counsel in the field of transit and logistics
in general.


Air and Maritime Transit

We manage goods via air or sea.  We perform this removal procedure for individual people or companies that require the re-export and installation of their materials.


Packaging and containers

Need help packaging your goods?  Nounga's Group s.a.r.l. can assist you with this service as well.

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding our services below.