Our Story

Nounga's Group s.a.r.l started in 2012.  Nounga's Group is a global transit and logistics company. Nounga's Group offers importing and exporting commercial and residential services internationally.

We ship goods to and from Cameroon and  Central Africa to various regions in the world with focuses in Europe, Asia and the United States.

We also assist with containers and shipping materials.  Nounga's Group is your liaison for commercial and domestic representation.  We package and secure each shipment personally.

Presently Nounga's Group has successfully shipped and received thousands of shipments to and from Central Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States.

We continue to expand our channels and offerings for additional regions around the world.  When you think about transporting goods please think about Nounga's Group s.a.r.l.

Meet the Team

We are dedicated professionals in the logistics and transport industry.  We take pride in servicing your shipping and handling needs.


Jean Marc Nounga

General Director

Seventeen years of logistics and transit experience.  Well respected in the industry and continues to offer safe transport and delivery.  Jean Marc continues to be on the cutting edge of new and efficient developments in the industry of logistics and transportation.

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Agathe Epse Batamack

Staff Manager

Proven responsible in planning, directing and overseeing day to day operations.   Involved with client satisfaction and document logistics.

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Emmanuel Pierre Nounga


Well respected in the industry and continues to work on adding innovative new channels and regions of transport.

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